UX/UI Development

Course Description

This hands-on course is aimed at those who are creating user interfaces for web sites, mobile applications, and data driven information systems, as well as those who want to better understand the role of UX/UI.User Experience (UX) encompasses a wide range of activities including User Interface (UI) design, Information Architecture (IA) and field research.Usability design and testing, tight integration and collaboration with software development processes are included in UX.Students will follow an iterative and agile approach focusing on User Centered Design (UCD) as the motivator for product direction.Skills learned in this course will apply to web and mobile applications as well as IT systems interface development.Participants will be expected to work within interdisciplinary teams, with emphasis on collaboration, brainstorming, and continued evolution of an interface concept based on user centred development.Upon completion successful students will be able to incorporate user centred development iterative design principles and processes into a wide variety of IT projects.Prerequisite: COMP 1002 or equivalent experience.

Course Outline


Material Covered

1 Intro & Product analysis
2 User Surveys & Interviews
3 Personas, User Stories, Day-In-The-Life (DITL), and Customer Journey Maps
4 Usability Heuristics I & Anti-patterns
5 Usability Heuristics II
6 Design Guidlines for Mobile & Web
7 User Flows, Navigation, WireFrames & Prototyping, Storyboarding
8 User Testing
9 Information Architecture
10 UX in Games and Interactive Media
11 Project work
12 Final Exam