Game Design and Development

Course Outline

Module 1:

Lecture: Introduction to course - Instructor; Syllabus; Equipment; Supplies; Textbooks;
Lecture: Games Overview; A Theory of Fun; History of Games.

Module 2:

Lecture: History of Computer Games;

Module 3:

Lecture: Game Platforms, Console, PC; Mobile, etc., Project Brainstorming

Module 4:

Lecture: What is a Game? & Game Genre Overview

Module 5:

Lecture: Industry Segments, Structure & Trends (Porter 5)

Module 6:

Lecture: Market Analysis: Understanding the Customer; Mulligan-Ch 1-The Market pdf
Lecture: Games Marketing and Distribution

Module 7:

Lecture: Competitive Analysis (SWOT): Understanding the Company

Module 8:

Lecture: Game Development Cycle and Production Team
Lecture: Game Genres I; Strategy in Video Games

Module 9:

Lecture: Game Genres II

Module 10:

Lecture: Principles of Game Design I: Layers of Game Design
Lecture: Principles of Game Design II: Design Issues

Module 11:

Lecture: Principles of Game Design III: Pre-production and Documentation
Lecture: Principles of Game Design IV: Design Trade-Offs
Lecture: Principles of Game Design V: Poor Design

Module 12:

Lecture: Legalities of Game Development

Module 13:

Lecture: Ethics, Culture, Violence in Games, Responsibilities, and ESRB Ratings

Module 14:

Lecture: Industry Roles and Careers, Salary Survey and Quality of Life

Module 15:

Lecture: What it takes to make an AAA title.
Lecture: Future of Video Games.