Digital Marketing

Course Outline

Module: Introduction:

1) Content Marketing
2) Facebook
3) Analytics
4) Marketplace
5) Smm Overview
6) On page optimization
7) Video Marketplace
8) Email Marketing

Income Source:

1) Marketplace
2) Adsense Income
3) T-shirt affiliation
4) Hosting Affiliation
5) Video Adsense
6) Local Career skill

Content Marketing

o Introduction
o Why content is king
o Why Image is Queen
o Definition of content marketing

Content Marketing : 1) Audience research

a) Tools: FB audience Insight
b) Competitor’s content from blog or other media
c) Related active social media group,
d) Forum Discussion

Content Marketing : 2) Topics Research

a) Tools: keywords planner,
b) Competitor’s content from blog or other media
c) Social media convert session
d) Forum Discussion

Content Marketing : 3) Article structure develop

a) Attractive title setup
b) Topics highlight
c) Sub title / Heading

Content Marketing : 4) Article writing

a) Rewrite from another article
b) Translate from another article
c) Write from image content
d) Write from video content
e) Write from Slide content

Content Marketing : 5) Optimize article for search

a) Concept of pillar article
b) Algorithm for optimized
c)Title, Image optimize, keyword density, relevancy, Internal Linking, External Linking, open paragraph, Bounce Rate
d) Engaging content, Valuable content

Content Marketing : 6) Image content Develop

a) Canva b) Skitch c) Piktochart d) Magix photo designer

Content Marketing : 7) Video content Develop

a) Video create
b) Video edit
c) Software: camtasia, video maker fx

Content Marketing : 8) Slide Content Develop

a) Content idea
b) Tools: powerpoint

Content Marketing : 9) Posting Rules

a) Content Posting Rules (80-20)
b) Posting Time

Content Marketing : 10) Posting Area

a) Guest blogging
b) Web2.0
c) Social media

Content Marketing : 11) Content Marketing Planning

a) Planning template

Content Marketing : 12) Measure the marketing & action

a) Response readers
b) Measurement of audience feedback

Content Marketing : 13) Blog develop

a) Domain hosting
b) Blog site develop by hosting application
c) Site structure customize

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing : 1) Basic of Facebook

a) Account create
b) Page create
c) Group create
d) Difference between page or group

Facebook Marketing : 2) Basic of facebook marketing

a) Business page develop
b) Event
c) Page review
d) Profile vs page vs group
e) Scheduling Post, Backdate Post, Event, Milestone, offer.
f) Notes

Facebook Marketing : 3) Facebook Algorithm (EDGE Rank)

a) Post value
b) Post rank
c) Increase engagement

Facebook Marketing : 4 ) Content strategy & content calendar

a) Content develop
b) Content calendar plan
c) Content calendar template

Facebook Marketing : 5) Sales Funnel

a) Lead Generate
b) Lead Nurturing
c) Convert to sell

Facebook Marketing : 6) Audience Analyze

a) Page insight
b) Audience insight
c) Target audience

Facebook Marketing : 7) Facebook paid campaign

a) Ad account create
b) Payment gateway setup
c) Audience target setup
d) Campaign setup
e) Power editor
f) Fb campaign structure
g) Campaign objective

Facebook Marketing : 8) Advance paid campaign

a) Saved audience, Custom Audience, look alike audience
b) Facebook Pixel
c) Facebook remarketing

Facebook Marketing : 9) Campaign monitoring

a) Paid campaign monitoring
b) Free campaign monitoring
c) Campaign reporting & optimization

Facebook Marketing : 10) Campaign Plan setup

a) Competitor analyze
b) Content Idea source generate
c) Campaign plan template
d) Campaign result analyze template
e) Campaign report generate


1) Facebook Page insights
2) Facebook Audience Insights
3) Google analytics


1) Fiverr
2) Adsence
3) T-shirt Affiliation

SMM Overview

SMM Overview : 1) Twitter

a) Profile optimize
b) Hashtag use
c) Advance search option
d) Tweet for branding

SMM Overview : 2) Pinterest

a) Create board
b) Increase followers
c) Sell from Pinterest

SMM Overview : 3) Google plus

a) Profile create
b) Profile branding
c) Engagement at community

SMM Overview : 4) Quora (ques, ans site)

a) Profile develop
b) Activity at quora
c) Profile branding at qoura
d) Findout potential client

SMM Overview : 5) Linkedin

a) Profile develop
b) Profile optimize
c) Activities at linkedin

On Page SEO

On Page SEO : 1) Keyword research

a) What is keyword?
b) Keyword planner
c) Find out profitable keyword

On Page SEO : 2) On page optimization

a) Site loading speed optimize
b) Site structure optimize
c) Page structure optimize
d) Content planning & optimize
e) Bounce rate decrease

On Page SEO : 3) Webmaster tools

a) webmaster code setup
b) Webmaster details

On Page SEO : 4) Sitemap, robot.txt

a) Sitemap, robot.txt generate
b) Setup sitemap, robot.txt

On Page SEO : 5) WordPress seo plugin

a) Yoast plugin setup
b) Using yoast plugin

On Page SEO : 6) Audit report generate

a) Audit report by free tools
b) Report customize before deliver

Video Marketplace

Video Marketplace : 1) Create Video

a) Camera, lighting
b) Studio setup
c) Green screen studio setup

Video Marketplace : 2) Video Edit

a) Tools: camtasia, video maker fx

Video Marketplace : 3) Keyword research

a) Tools: Longtail pro, keyword planner

Video Marketplace : 4) Topics Plan

a) Topics idea search

Video Marketplace : 5) Create channel

a) New channel develop

Video Marketplace : 6) Channel optimize

a) Channel optimize for search
b) Url short

Video Marketplace : 7) On page optimization

a) Title, description, tag, thumbnail optimize

Video Marketplace : 8) Channel monetize

a) Adsence account create
b) Channel monetize

Email Marketing

1) Opt-in email lead collect
2) Email template develop by Mail chimp
3) Email marketing with mailchimp