App Monetization & Management

There is no higher form of user validation than having customers support your product with their wallets. However, the path to a profitable business is not necessarily an easy one. This course blends instruction with real life examples to help you effectively develop, implement, and measure your monetization strategy, iterating on the model as appropriate.

Lesson 1

Introducing Monetization

  • A monetization strategy is comparable to the product/market fit for a new idea.
  • Start thinking about profitability from the beginning.
  • Learn about monetization models, profit margins, KPIs, and customer acquisition and retention.

Lesson 2

Monetization Strategies

  • Monetization strategies for freemium, subscription, eCommerce, and Ads across web, games, and native apps.
  • Learn about the tools startups use to implement these strategies and design a plan to execute a model for your own product.

Lesson 3

Implement a Monetization Plan

  • Choose and tailor a monetization strategy for your product and learn how to set up tracking to monitor its effectiveness.
  • Use Google Analytics and other tracking tools to get behavior reports, crashes, exceptions, and app speed.

Lesson 4

Optimize Your Model

  • Learn how to react and re-engage users if your monetization strategies don’t originally work.
  • See how product and monetization are closely tied and how the Hooked Model can be used to optimize your strategy.